Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skunk on the loose!

Aubrey looked fantastic in her skunk costume, but the best part was when she crawled. It was so good that we had to post a video of it so y'all could enjoy it as well.


While most parents dress their babies up as fairies and princesses, we went a bit more literal with our little one and dressed her up just like she is...a stinker (but an adorable one at that)! We hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we did taking them. Aubrey was just so much fun, and -- needless to say-- the only skunk we saw!

Aubrey is crawling like a feen and standing and walking (with the help of a couch, table, or in this case Aunt Georgi). I can't believe how quickly time has flown and that next time I blink she'll be walking! This first year has been so much fun (and we still have 4 more months)!
Aubrey LOVES sitting on her daddy's shoulders, and this shot was too great to pass up. It almost looks like a really big hat (like those raccoon hats Davey Crockett wore).
It was funny from the back, but I LOVE the front view. She loves her daddy so much, and she never tires of playing with him! They have so much fun together!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aubrey dancing...

Aubrey loves music and loves to dance. It started around 6 months when she would hear the Adam's family theme song and bob her head from side to side (as we've tried to show here, but she gets shy in front of the camera)...

But she quickly caught on, and by 8 months dances by bending her knees (as shown here)...

FHE Pumpkin carving

Every monday evening for FHE the Coueys, Tobias', and the Sullivans come over. We had a great lesson on frienship (and we are grateful to alll of you reading this because you are our friends :), and then did a little pumpkin carving to gear up for Halloween next week! Here are the results of our efforts...
Andy and Alex Couey carved a pirate ship, arrrrr....

I know it's hard to tell from this picture, but Ryan carved a witch in a cauldron, and Lacey carved a spider (the next picture gives better pictures of it)...

The Pirate ship was the Couey's, the skull was the Tobias's, the bats and stars were the Sullivan's, and the witch and spider were our handywork. Not bad after years of no carving.

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SVU Homecoming extravaganza...

Another SVU homecoming has come and gone, and boy what fun! We went to Georgi's soccer game (it was a valiant effort, but didn't end the way we all had hoped)...

These two are so much fun together (she sure does love her Uncle Charlie)

And had a great time cheering on Aunt Georgi! GO KNIGHTS!

But that wasn't enough soccer, so we went to Ryan's alumni soccer game on Friday (this one did go in our favor as the alumni won 4-3). Ryan played very well and I was impressed with how quickly he ran during the game having not run for nearly a year. Then I saw him after the game and he was really feeling the effects. He fell asleep on the couch at 8 that night and he deserved the rest. Ryan was also honored as a SVU legacey athlete...we're so proud of him!

She didn't even mind that her daddy was all wet and smelled funny, she was just happy to tell him good game!
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Play time at the party!

After cake the kiddos at Gabe's birthday bash finally got to crawl/walk around and play! It almost seemed like there were more kids than adults, and it really wore us out. Sometimes I wonder how my mom managed to keep her head above water being outnumbered by all of us Smith heathens! I guess what goes around comes around, huh?

Gabe, Mercy, and Aubrey in a traffic jam (literally because Gabe loves to walk around the table again and again and Aubrey was getting in his way). Everywhere you look...BABIES!

This is just a first time mother speaking, but Aubrey is really learning! She will focus intently on something until she figures it out. Our little Einstein!

Mercy and Aubrey both wanted to play with the puppy (it is so cute to hear Gabe say 'doggie' :), and then, if almost on cue, they both stopped. It was cute!
Aubrey is so active and doesn't like to sit still much, so it is so difficult to get a nice picture of the three of us. This seemed to be the best one of the night of our little family!

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Those darn baby blues...

No, I am not talking about me, but Aubrey's big blue eyes! They seem to be hypnotic because everytime she looks at anyone they seem to smile, and mommy and daddy can't help but smother her with kisses! Here are some examples of how gorgeous her eyes are (and this was just in one night)!

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Our Second Child

Most of you don't know, and we've done a very good job of keeping in on the DL, but we had our second child, another little baby girl, about 4 months ago and named her Moana. Here are some pictures with our new addition!

Moana and her big sister Aubrey

Lacey and Moana

Ryan and Moana

The beautiful Moana, whom isn't really ours at all, but is an absolutely wonderful, and adorable baby! Eventually we'll have another one of our own, but for now we're happy with just getting to hold Moana!
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Happy 1st Birthday Gabe!

Aubrey went to her first birthday party a few weeks ago (I know I'm late getting the pictures up) and had a great time. Gabe Eldredge turned 1 and Aubrey was so excited about this party that she wouldn't put the invitation down! At first Gabe just stared at the cupcake, but he eventually got the hang (and taste) of it! He did it all while everyone just sat there and watched him.
And by everyone I mean all of us...
After his cupcake, Jenny bathed Gabe before a little play time with friends (but not before a hug from mom).
He was so excited that it was his birthday, it was adorable! He even sang himself happy birthday here (ok, he wasn't actually singing, but you don't know that from the picture)!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Texas Trip...YEEHAW!!!

Aubrey and I had the opportunity to go to Dallas, Texas to visit family. We got to spend lots of time with Aunt Mary and Aubrey's cousins Georgi and Hannah. Travis got back in town the night before we left so we went to dinner at a real Texas Steakhouse (country band and dancefloor and all)! We had a great time, but the best part was just getting to see family! Here are some pictures!
Aubrey and Travis

Aubrey and Aunt Mary

Aubrey made two new best friends...Georgi and Hannah and they had a blast together. Hannah taught Aubrey to climb up the stairs...and I am glad we don't have any stairs in our house!

By the end of the day Aubrey was exhausted but didn't want to stop! She gets more curious as the days go by and appears to be a genius baby (I'm her mother so I get to say things like that, but this time it really is true :)!

We are excited to get to go back to Texas for Thanksgiving when the whole Smith family will be there (minus Rod, Jamie, and their then 8 month old bun on the oven)!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where is Ty Pennington when you need him?

For those who know the adventures we've endured in remodeling our home, they are really getting juicy now. Yesterday was a big day in (and out of) the house with the new kitchen cabinets being installed, and the gigantic pine tree in the yard being cut down. Our yard looks twice as big now and our kitchen is starting to look fantastic! We are having maple cabinets put in, which look great with the white appliances and tile floor, and will look fantastic with the new countertops and sink/faucet (which they will install either tonight or tomorrow). Basically, it is a brand spanking new kitchen and I can't wait to have it finished! Ryan surprised me while I was in TX visiting Mary by installing the dishwasher!!! What a sweetheart...just another reminder why I married him! We have before pictures of the house but will wait to post them until we have some after pictures to go along with them! I can't wait to be done with all the remodeling!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our camera is lost!!!

I have been going through blogger withdrawals because we have managed to misplace our camera and am now going on a month with no new pictures of Aubrey...AAAGGHH! Ifigured I would at least post something just so y'all know we are still very much alive and kicking in Buena Vista, VA. So sit back and enjoy a trip down The Lenahan Family Memory Lane (cue the cheesey music)...

Ryan and Lacey sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

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First comes LOVE...

Then comes MARRIAGE...

(Then comes good times of being pregnant...which I actually miss sometimes believe it or not)...

Then comes the (most beautiful) BABY in the baby carriage!

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In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!