Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Aubrey's First Piano Recital

For as long as I can remember Aubrey has loved music. She loves to dance and even "sings" along with music in the car sometimes. We went to an open house for Ryan's office the other day and they had Elizabeth Bouchelle and Nate Pence provide some entertainment. Aubrey kept going back to the room with the keyboard and Elizabeth picked her up and sat her on her lap. Aubrey jumped right in and started playing the paino and changing the tempo/settings on the keyboard! She did a great job and was the hit of the party (she always is :)!

Fun with friends!

Aubrey has had the opportunity lately to get together with lots of friends. Gabe came over to play and Aubrey just loves to follow him around and bombards him with hugs and kisses to the point that he just wants to get away. Our little flirt!

Aunt Georgi comes over every once in awhile and Aubrey loves getting to play with her. She loved the hood to Georgi's jacket and I loved how it brings out the blue in her eyes!

Drew and Lynn came through for a visit and stayed on the air matress at our house. Alexys and Aubrey had a blast playing all over it! They have a blast doing just about anything together!

Drew, Lynn, and Aubrey! We loved getting to spend some time with them!

Quite the pair these two! It is so fun just to watch them when they get together!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The up-and-coming Mormon Missionary Band

We had the missionaries over for dinner the other night, and -- no surprise to us -- Aubrey was the center of attention. She crawled all over the table (yes, we let her) and, together with the missionaries, proved her musical talents. Now, for your entertainment...put your hands together for Aubrey and the missionaries!

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..."

We went to the park with Nikki and Alexys, and Aubrey had a great time! It was hard for her not being able to walk around (which she is getting closer to), so she LOVED the tunnel.

She also enjoyed the swing, but that took a little more coaxing. Here are Aubrey and Alexys on the swings! Two of the cutest girls you will ever see...EVER :) !

Our little angel...from all angles!

Don't let her small size fool you...our little girl LOVES to eat (and loves making a mess while doing it)! Growing a beard I suppose. She really wants to be like her daddy!
Grandpa and GG gave this car thing to Aubrey for Christmas and she loves to play in it. It makes all kinds of noises and she loves that! However, her favortite present of all was this baby doll. She loves to hold it, pat its back, and read books to it. She is all ready to be a big sister!

Her next favorite thing...talking on the phone (which she also gets from her dad)!

Sleeping. She will fall asleep anywhere so don't turn your back for a second. This she also gets from her dad. Here she is sleeping in her highchair.

Christmas in ATL!

We had a great time in Atlanta for Christmas! We got to spend time with family and meet up with old (and new friends). Juliana was a joy to meet and is such a cute little girl! Aubrey couldn't get enough of her and is going to be such a good big sister come July! It was also good to see Will and Natalie :)!

Aubrey loves bananas, but we aren't sure if she's trying to eat it or blow some kind of horn and call everyone to breakfast. Either way, she loves bananas!

Aubrey also got to play with Berkley. She just followed him around the house as he tried to escape her overbearing sociality. It's so fun to watch her interact with other children! It was also great to see Christine and Mark!

She loves climbing. Bananas and climbing...sounds like a monkey to me. At least monkey business!

Aubrey loves her Grandpa Lenahan, who shows a striking resemblance to a well-known holiday celebrity. Scroll down to see who...

Our baby blue eyes! She just makes our hearts melt!

GG, Aubrey and mommy at the mall on our visit to Santa! She was so tired that she wouldn't even sit on Santa's lap, and he's her grandpa! She only seemed to want daddy. What can I say, we have a regular daddy's girl on our hands.

Opening presents Christmas morning. Needless to say she wasn't interested in the slightest in opening presents. Daddy ended up opening them all for her, but she loved all her new toys!

Our little pig-tailed princess!

Then Lenahan Clan in its entirety (I have no idea how to spell it, and no desire to look it up :), including Kelly and Tracy! We had a blast visiting with them!

GG and "Santa" (better known to us as Grandpa)! He played Santa at a mall in Macon and all those kids over a month's time really wore him out. We were glad to get him back though on Christmas Eve!

In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!