Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Lenahan Elves

This is absolutely worth your time...but only if you're ready to laugh your head off! Thanks Melissa for letting us know about this!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving...Texas style!

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Travis' house, thanks to all you wonderful domesticated women in our family who made such wonderful dishes! Aubrey didn't get to eat turkey with us, but she did get to eat applesauce and carrots, and even got a few bites of grandma's yams, which she LOVED!
We did our Smith family Christmas gift exchange after dinner. Aubrey had Hannah and bought her this Hannah Montana guitar/ear set. Needless to say, Hannah Montana has nothing on Hannah Wilson!
A little post turkey nap...ZZZZ
They quickly dropped like flies
Even grandpa Smith joined in!
The happy couple responsible for all the craziness (without them none of us would be here)!
Me and Dallin...what a cutie!
Whose face is sillier? They both look like they have some Smith blood in them!
Just having fun!
The girls loading their plates!
Hyrum soon followed.
The "kids" table...(I think we're missing a few -- Will, Hyrum, Heber, Ryan...)
Spencer got to eat some jello and LOVED it!
Loved it so much he kept on eating!
Lauren and Georgi on the trampoline! Two cuter seven year olds just don't exist!
The turkey bowl boys!
The "old" guys played the "young" guys and all were feeling it after the game! They had a great time and then went inside to the garage theater room Travis set up and watched the Cowboys woop up on the Jets (we were in Dallas)!
Lauren and Georgi jumping around!
I have posted tons of pictures this morning so you may have to view some older posts because I don't think they all fit on the first page!

More partying...

Is Travis cutting the cake or eating whatever is leftover? You tell me!
Lauren, Hannah, and Logan enjoying the yummy cake.
A future food critic? I definitely see some potential :)!
Mommy and Aubrey blowing kisses to our birthday boy (we love you Ryan)!
Aubrey and Brooke. Brooke did a great job playing mommy and was very careful when picking her up (which she loved doing the entire weekend)!
I don't think this picture needs any explanation...Spencer is just too cute for words!
The cousins! What a good looking family :)
Little Hailey...what a sweetheart!

Happy Birthday...Texas style

While in Texas we celebrated Luke, Ryan, and Hyrum's birthdays! They all turned 2 ;)!

Here are the birthday boys!

Luke was obsessed with the balloons (mostly at his dad's urging)...
and actually managed to get one off! Pure sugar...MMMM!
It was great to watch Luke eat the balloon. He is such a good little kid and just nibbled at it while most two year olds would have shoved the entire thing in their mouth!

Here is a video of Luke and the balloon. You will hear Will in the backround egging him on.

Here is the video of the wonderful Smith vocal talents (or lack thereof). Pure entertainment!

Deep in the heart of Texas...

We flew down to Dallas, TX for a Thanksgiving family get together. Before all the Thanksgiving day festivities we had to experience Texas, Texas style. So we headed down to the Fort Worth Stockyard for some Riscky's BBQ! Talk about tasty pork ribs...MMM...MMM...MMM (don't believe me? Look at the next picture)!

I won't even begin to explain this one...just look and feel your mouth salivate!

Aubrey took her first ride in a saddle, and was a pro. It looks like we have a first rate cowgirl on our hands! And what good is a trip to the stockyards without a horse drawn buggy ride. Aubrey took it like a champ, and I can hear her voice in my head asking for a pony for Christmas. Good luck Aubrey, I asked for pony year after year and still don't have one!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A little bathtime fun!

Aubrey LOVES to get in the bathtub. I take her into the bathroom and start running the water and she kicks her feet and tries to jump in the tub with her clothes on. Her hair, while strait when dry, looks more like this when wet...curls galore! I am smitten with Aubrey's eyes, and that seems to be the first thing people notice about our little rascal! Just wanted to share some cute pictures with everyone!

I love this one because you can see her two teeth if you look close enough!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A trip to Alexanders Ice Cream Shop

Great-Grandpa Reget came down from Bedford to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Smith, Great-Aunt Michelle, Aunt Georgi, and mommy (Lacey). But of course Aubrey was the hit of the trip (isn't she always)!
Aubrey and Grandma Smith
She was practicing her walking.
Great-Grandpa Reget and Grandpa Smith were smitten.
I almost never take pictures anymore, and here is why. It seems that everytime I am in a picture I don't have my makeup on and it ends up like this...at least Aubrey's so cute and becomes the center of the picture :)! We love our little girl!
She loved Great-Grandpa's hat and kept putting it on her head, and taking it off, and putting it on...you get the picture!

Randomness equals goodness...

I always seem to have a plethora (and I do know what a plethora is) of pictures of our little one. Rather than make 10 different posts I figured I would add them in one group and give a brief explanation for each one.

We recently bought a jogging stroller, and alternate days that we take Aubrey out running. The mornings here are very chilly so we bundled Aubrey up and she just looked so cute in her hat and mittens.
Aubrey has never been a thumbsucker, but for the past week we can't seem to get her thumb out of her mouth (even when she is wearing mittens).
Thumbs and bananas...the loves them both!
We went to Atlanta for the weekend and, in true grandma fashion, GG (grandma Lenahan) spoiled Aubrey with a ring pop. She sucked on the thing like a pacifier and screamed when we too it away. Her mouth and face were completely blue and her hair was all sticky, but she made it look good! It really brought out her beautiful blue eyes.
Here is Aubrey with her distant Cousin Patrick from Ireland...quite the character!
Aubrey with Grandpa Smith at another one of those wonderful Sunday dinners.
Aubrey with her great Aunt Michelle who was visiting from California.
Bruce and Sharon Haas...two of our favorite people from Little Rock (he was my childhood bishop). They are living in Buena Vista volunteering at SVU and we are so happy to have them every Sunday dinner.

In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!