Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh yes...she's crawling!

Well, last friday Aubrey took her first few crawling "steps". At most, she will crawl for 3 or 4 steps...until today! She was sitting down on the floor playing with some toys while I was ironing. Next thing I remember is hearing this "shaking sound". I looked down and saw that Aubrey had crawled over and emptied out her diaper bag. Inside the diaper bag was a bag of goldfish I was snacking on the other day that she shook and shook until they went all over the room. Here she is relishing in her big achievement! Figuring she was bored, I took the liberty of doing her hair in the ever so popular among little girls "fountain" do. It is difficult to see in some of these pictures, but it was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen with her bangs hanging down. She is so much fun to play with, but not much fun to clean up after -- typical of all babies I'm sure!

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At the hotel with Uncle Scotty

It is so much fun to watch Aubrey play with her Uncle Scotty...he makes her look like a doll. If you don't believe me just take a look at the picture of Aubrey next to his foot -- they're about the same size! She just loves him and he even got her to crawl to him (bribing her with toys of course)! What a pair!

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Go Tarheels!

We had a GREAT time in Chapel Hill watching Scotty play football (UNC beat JMU 37-7). Here he is (he's number 64) with the other captains getting ready for the coin toss. He played well for the first part of the game but was taken out for the rest of the game due to a minor injury. We're glad he was ok and will be back next week for the ECU game! Go Scotty! Go Heels!

Aubrey sure enjoyed her first lemon experience and loved it! She made that adorable sour face and then dove back in for more! We were so proud of her during the game. She didn't cry at all and just ate up all the attention people gave her (sometimes I think people were watching her more than the game)!
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Aubrey's first Tarheel experience!

As part of the pre-game extravaganza, two men jumped out of a plane and landed on the field. It was fun to watch but I was glad it wasn't me jumping out of the plane!

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In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!