Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have always said that I need to get better at recording the cute, and absolutely hilarious, things our kids say. Here's one from today:

We were walking out the door and Aubrey looked at me and said, "Mom, I passed gas in my mouth". After a quick laugh I said, "you mean you burped?" to which she replied, "yeah, mom, I burped".

Funny girl. She gets the gas from her daddy ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sport Princess

I see all my friends with their new businesses and great ideas, and am on the search for an idea all my own. Wish I would have thought of this one. My friend Bethany (aka: beefcakes) has started a new blog called Sport Princess. It's actually an entire line of books and dolls that are making their big debut in June. The first book comes out in June and, in honor of the World Cup in Africa this year, she is launching her first book Josephina "Jo" the Soccer Princess. What a great way to mix the glitz and mud :). So put your glittery football stripes under your, and your little princess's, eyes and check out her new blog. Totally exciting!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to our baby girl!

I realized I didn't post once in the month of february (boo me) and a lot happened. All I really want to talk about was the fact that Aubrey, my baby girl, turned 3 on the 23rd. Seriously, 3 already? Ryan's parents, more affectionately known as Papa and GG, came in to celebrate with us. Unfortunately Ryan had to work on tuesday, but the girls and I headed over to Papa and GG's hotel for some good old fashioned swim time. It was a huge hit with the girls.

We couldn't just not celebrate on her birthday so, while the festivities were scheduled for the following day, we did do some that night. We made some cupcakes and opened presents. She was in heaven.
Our sweet Aubrey, 100% girl.

Aubrey decorated her own cupcake, as if you couldn't tell :)

Our little Eva monkey, 100% mess :)

I wish the pictures of her opening her presents, and dressing up in her new tinkerbell fairy garb were showing up. Your loss ;)

The next day Ryan took the day off and we head in for our long overdue dentist's appointments, took a little nap, and then headed off to Aubrey's favorite place -- quite possibly in her little world -- Monkey Joes (see the post from Aubrey's birthday a year ago) for some fun. We hadn't been in quite awhile so this was Eva's first time actually playing. She was terrified at first, but once she realized that everything bounces and slides she jumped on the bandwagon. Confession: Our camera had magically disappeared prior to the birthday festivities and I am pulling pictures off an email from GG, and some of them aren't showing up, so no pictures at MJ's. But the fun did not stop there. We headed to McDonald's (probably Aubrey's second favorite place in the world) for some dinner and more playtime. Again, no pictures.

We have started a slight birthday tradition for Aubrey here in STL. Aubrey and one of her best friends, Jonathan, have the same birthday. Same day, same year. As a result, and because they're still young enough for us to get away with it, we celebrate together. They joined us at MJ's and McD's, and then we headed back to their house for some cake and ice cream (thanks for taking care of that this year Steph). Unfortunately, no pictures there either.

We had a fun-filled day with our little birthday princess, and can't imagine our little family without Aubrey (how cliche am I :), our little drama creating diva.


In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!