Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day bliss!

We had a blast on Memorial day with Grandma and Grandpa Smith. They took the three of us to the Virginia Safari Park and it was quite the experience! Aubrey absolutely loved the animals and got excited everytime one came up to the car. She would take one piece of grain from the bucket and hold it out for the animals to come and eat. Unfortunately, mommy is a bit overprotective and made sure the animals mouths never came close to her tiny fingers. The animals loved eating out of the buckets, and one animal even stole the bucket of feed out of Ryan's hands. One bucket down, three left. Then, the same animal went up to my mom and stole the bucket of feed out of her hands too. Another bucket down. Needless to say, we laughed until our sides hurt, and made lots of new "friends". We will certainly miss Buena Vista, and living so close to family! Enjoy some pictures from our trip to the park and then scroll to the end for the update on our job search -- we've finally made up our minds (don't skip to the end :)!

Yes, Aubrey is out of her car seat, but that is kosher at the safari park. It just wouldn't have been the same sitting in a car seat while the animals walked around outside the car. She loved it!
I've never seen a zebra this close up before! It was neat for Aubrey to see some of the animals we read about in her books up close and personal.
An ostrich...this was another first for me.
Watoosee catle...never even heard of one until I saw it at the park. They were pretty intimidating and one of them tried to attack my mom and get her food. It was funny to watch my mom pull back and roll up her window as fast as she did!
This llama looked like it had a glass eye, so naturally we had to take a picture and document it :)!
Here is a video of mom feeding one of the ostriches. They were a riot to watch eat!

Ok, so the promised update. Ryan interviewed in Atlanta, Roanoke, and St. Louis. St. Louis was our number one choice, for a number of reasons, and we had already heard back from the other two (they both wanted him). Wachovia Securities flew him out to St. Louis on a Wed. and they called him on Friday to offer him the position. The official offer wasn't available until after he passed his drug/fingerprint test and backround check (we were really nervous about that ;). Well, they finally came back with the official offer (numbers and dates and all) today and was actually considerably more than we were expecting. Ryan starts his new job with Wachovia Securities on June 16 (only two weeks away). Aubrey and I will stay here in VA (for insurance purposes) until the baby is born in July. We will really miss Ryan, but are so proud of him and how hard he has worked to provide for our growing family! So, if anyone is ever in the St. Louis have some friends to visit and a place to stay :)!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A month's worth of life in a single post...I am good!

Ok, so I know it's been forever since we've posted anything, but it has been an exciting, and eventful, month for the Lenahan clan. We took a trip down to Atlanta for one of Ryan's high school best friend's wedding...CONGRATS Kent and Holly! Ryan had job interviews in Atlanta, Roanoke, and St. Louis. I'll bet you're just dying to know which job we are taking (my amazing husband was offered all 3 jobs -- no surprise to me), but you'll have to check back later for an updated post about all of that. We got our tax return and thought we'd buy Aubrey a pool to play in since it is definitely warming up around these parts. Aaron, Mary, Georgi, and Hannah visited and Georgi was baptized...CONGRATS Georgi. We had a combined birthday party for Grandpa and Georgi and just enjoyed spending time with family. That has been our month in a nutshell, so scroll down for the proof of it all!

RANDOM PICS OF AUBREY...she is growing so fast and is SO much fun, and quite creative!

Aubrey is such a girl. She found one of my slips so Ryan turned it into a dress for her. Then she had to have the heels and necklace to go with it all. Our little fashonista (although we don't expect to see people walking around in a slip dress in public...what you people do in your own homes is your business ;)

Aubrey loves pens (she drew on the wall for the first time this month) so we're trying to teach her to write on paper and not the wall.

We just loved this really shows off her gorgeous eyes and dimple.

Aubrey loves to play the "where's Aubrey game" and believe it or not that is what she is doing here. She looks mad, but really is a happy little girl.

Aubrey and her friend Alexys found a box to play in and it occupied them for quite some time!

Ryan comes home from working out in the morning and makes a protein shake. Aubrey LOVES to sit down with him and share a shake with her daddy! Got milk anyone?

Aubrey's new position...she squats for everything!


She spent the ENTIRE time climbing in and out, and very little time actually "swimming", but they had a blast!


I had to put this picture up because it reminded me of the time that Will bought Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure for dad for Christmas (because Will really liked it). My mom gave my dad Enchanted as one of his gifts becasue she really liked it. The truth is that dad really liked it as well, so it ended up being a hit!


Ryan and "the boys" from high school.

While we were in Atlanta, Scotty brought his dog Bentley with him and Aubrey just went nuts! He is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and the only damage done was when Bentley got excited and accidently knocked Aubrey over with his tail! She just followed him around and gave him kisses (yes, sloppy kisses). One of these days we'll get a dog.

Aubrey learned how to climb up on the table and thought she was such big stuff!

Aubrey was obsessed with the way her dress twirled when she spun around. She may have been the only one dancing at the time, but she sure entertained herself!

Aubrey discovered that Bentley likes her animal crackers just as much as she does!

Here is Aubrey and daddy sharing a protein shake in the morning. She is talking more and it is so fun to watch and hear!

In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!