Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our crazy lives...

We have been in St. Louis for the past week and a half and have fallen in love with the area! There is so much to do (and the best part is that most everything is free). We went to the zoo last weekend (free) and had a blast. Unfortunately, in our quick departure, I left our cable that uploads our pictures to the computer in BV. I found some cute older ones that I will post, but I will give an update, as a lot has happened in the past week and a half. Aubrey and I made a new best friend named Angela. She is our realtor here and we spent a good three days with her last week looking at homes. The good news is that we have found one, and have a contract on it! It is a 4 BR, 2 BA split level in Saint Charles, MO with a HUGE backyard (which means we will get a dog soon). We fell in love with the house the minute we walked through it and are excited to close on August 4th. Aubrey also made another friend, this one a doctor. Aubrey got pink eye and an ear infection our first week here, but the medicine has helped and she is doing much better!

Aubrey and I fly down to Dallas tonight for a Smith family reunion, and Ryan will join us Friday evening. Ryan will fly back to STL while Aubrey and mommy drive back to VA with Grandma and Grandpa Smith, and Charlie where we will stay until the baby is born. Then in August we will fly to STL permanently and move into our new home! July and August will be months of big change for us!

Ryan is really enjoying his new job and even got invited by some big shot in corporate to a spin class. So Ryan got up bright and early this morning for a 5:30 a.m. spin class. I can just picure him on a stationary bike :)! He's doing really well and learning a lot. He took a practice test for his series 7 (or maybe it was his 63) liscence yesterday, and his boss said he shouldn't have any trouble passing. We'll keep our fingers crossed and our knees bent (as my dad would say), but know the Lord will continute to bless our quickly growing family.
Well, that is more than enough reading for one sitting (if anyone is still reading by this point), so until we get that darn cable back...enjoy these old pics of Aubrey from the library in Lexington!

Uncle Charlie's graduation

I know this video is sideways, but it was too cute not to post! Our little helper. She loves to observe people and mimicks just about everything she sees.

In honor of the Olympcs, and in preparation for sept. 25...we bring you Dwight Shrute!